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EMUiNVENT InvenTeam: Empowering Individuals for an Equitable Tomorrow

EMUiNVENT InvenTeam, a high school team from Eastern Michigan University, has been awarded a prestigious Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam® grant with a mission to create a groundbreaking invention aimed at assisting community-dwelling elderly individuals in changing positions safely and independently. Being one of only eight high schools nationwide selected as an InvenTeam this year, EMUiNVENT stands out for its commitment to addressing real-world challenges.

You are Invited

The team will showcase their progress at the technical review on February 12, 5:30 pm at Spark East Innovation Center. In June 2024, the final prototype will be showcased at the EurekaFest® at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The team is excited in anticipation of this opportunity to celebrate their innovation and contribute to solving real-world problems. RSVP for Feb.12

LMIT InvenTeams

An initiative by Lemelson-MIT , InvenTeams inspires and empowers high school students to bring their inventive ideas to life by integrating lessons from science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Students participating in InvenTeams engage in hands-on problem-solving, fostering teamwork and collaboration while creating invention prototypes. Since its inception in 2003, the program has awarded grants to numerous schools across the United States.

A Technological Solution with Purpose

The EMUiNVENT InvenTeam is developing a solution tailored for individuals aged 60 and above, offering independence in mobility. Initiated by Shiri Vivek, EMUiNVENT co-director of the program and professor at Eastern Michigan University, the team's application process involved collaboration with students to prepare a compelling proposal. An esteemed panel at Lemelson-MIT, comprising university professors, inventors, entrepreneurs, industry professionals, and former InvenTeam members, selected EMUiNVENT for the grant.

Addressing a Critical Need

Recognizing the challenges faced by those with age-related issues, the invention focuses on aiding community-dwelling seniors in changing positions independently. Many individuals struggle to perform daily activities such as sitting up/down or standing, impacting their social, emotional, and economic well-being. To identify and understand these challenges, EMUiNVENT conducted thorough research, including interviews with local institutions and professionals.

Innovative Design and Development

EMUiNVENT researched existing assistive products and patents, identifying gaps in technology. Their proposed solution is a device with multiple leveled grip bars, serving as support for standing up and sitting down. Controlled through a remote, incorporating artificial intelligence and GPS technologies, the device aims to enhance portability and address various position changes. The team's inventive approach includes features like a removable chair, a pocket for documents, a water bottle holder, and even a wireless charger.

It Takes a Community

High school students receive crucial community support for creating a product that is inventive, technically feasible, reliable, and commercially viable. Engineers mentor in design principles, functionality, and safety, ensuring technical feasibility and reliability. Business professionals contribute expertise in market analysis, business planning, and financial modeling. Scientists guide research and development, grounding innovations in scientific theory. Other community members offer practical knowledge, bridging theoretical concepts with real-world applications, fostering intergenerational connections, supporting product testing, and forming lasting partnerships. Working with our mentors, the students are developing valuable intergenerational and societal understanding.

Core EMUiNVENT InvenTeam

The core team, consisting of Suhani Dalela (Team Lead, Saline High School), Weiran (Alice) Jiang (Saline High School), Amy Liu (Pioneer High School), Jacob Shaw (Clarenceville High School), Jennah Breadiy (EMU Early College Alliance) and Erica Robinson (Lincoln High School) brings diverse perspectives and expertise.

EMUiNVENT - Guiding the Path to Innovation

Professor Shiri Vivek and Professor Muhammad Ahmed of EMU are playing a pivotal role in mentoring the team, providing guidance and support in their journey toward creating impactful solutions. EMUiNVENT's commitment to innovation not only addresses a pressing need for project-based interdisciplinary learning but also exemplifies the potential of collaborative efforts in fostering creativity, societal awareness, community engagement and practical skills among grade school students. Stay tuned for the inspiring journey of our EMUiNVENT InvenTeam as they transform inventive ideas into a tangible, market-ready solution.

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